Mandatory Minimums

Perpetrators of violent crimes are too often given lenient sentences by judges who are gifted with the power of discretion. Victims are left forgotten in this process. Justice must not just be done, it must be seen to be done. Minimum sentencing must be introduced, and judges’ discretion taken away, to better serve victims and ensure those who commit violent crimes are appropriately punished. Continue reading Mandatory Minimums

Clinton-? 2016

Mid-term congressional elections are coming up this November, so many will say that talking about who Hillary Clinton will have as her running mate over two years away is premature. No one knows for certain who will be in the House or Senate next year, let alone whether or not Clinton will actually seek the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Talking about such matters so far out is surely tempting fate. But at this stage it’s simply unimaginable for another person to step forward to try to seriously claim that nomination, and even Democratic Leadership and elected officials are lining up to endorse the former First Lady as their presidential nominee. She will be in the running to be Obama’s successor in the Oval Office, barring an apocalypse, so naturally we should be thinking about who she will run as her Vice Presidential nominee – it could help her secure the presidency after all. Continue reading “Clinton-? 2016”

The Danger of Sinn Féin

The Sinn Féin of old has never actually gone away. They like to regale the public with tales of how they are changed, and how they’re learning from their past to move into the future, but when times get tough their true side comes through again. Their recent political gains have finally established the party as an influential one in Republic politics, but their manoeuvring into the void that is a relevant leftist party in Ireland is simply a façade. They remain a subversive and dangerous political entity on this island, and the party’s conduct in recent days has proved that this isn’t going to change any time soon. Continue reading “The Danger of Sinn Féin”