An Easy Endorsement

Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person ever to launch a non-incumbent run for the White House. She served 10 years as First Lady of Arkansas, 8 years as First Lady of the United States, 8 years as United States Senator for New York, and 4 years as United States Secretary of State. She brings executive experience, domestic and Congressional experience, and unrivalled foreign policy experience to the table. Donald Trump lost billions that exempted him from paying federal tax, and also made crude jokes about women while simultaneously hosting a reality TV show.

The two are not quite the same.

So as you might be able to understand, it irks me considerably when people, particularly Americans themselves, bemoan the candidates before them; they regret that they must choose the lesser of two evils, and determining which candidate is the lesser is an unsurmountable task. Bull. Clinton is clearly the best candidate, regardless of your partisan position, and the nation would clearly be much safer in her hands.

Even the allegations of past sexual assault now being levied against Trump isn’t “convincing” Americans that Clinton will be any better. I honestly cannot fathom this disconnect. I understand that there are questions about her transparency and about her judgement, but surely a man who refuses to release his tax returns and runs his mouth belittling women and minorities is coming up poorer in both those categories? How you can claim Hillary is less transparent and has worse judgement than Donald Trump is just beyond me. It’s totally a weak-ass argument.

Hillary Clinton has problems, I’m not denying that, and I’m not trying to dismiss the fact she isn’t totally transparent or that she has shown poor judgement on occasion, but let’s break it down. In terms of showing poor judgement occasionally – look, she’s human, we all make mistakes. The important thing looking back over Clinton’s decision-making over the past few decades is that in instances where it can be claimed she showed poor judgement, she learned from that mistake and rebounded further down the line. Her efforts in pioneering affordable healthcare floundered in the 90s because she went on the attack against congressional Republicans – when she became a Senator, she learned to work with them to pass important legislation, and to ensure New York recovered from 9/11.

And yes, she has shown reluctance to be totally transparent. But this is a woman whose family and family issues have literally been aired to millions of people since the late 80s. Her husband’s affairs and her own personal failures have been in the media glare for most of her adult life. I don’t know about you, but I honestly can’t blame the woman for trying to protect any modicum of privacy that she can. She’s released her tax returns, and she’s released health statements. I think her wanting to shield some part of her life is totally understand and I think necessary to prevent her from going stir-crazy.

And then people say that she flip-flops on issues like gay marriage or the war in Iraq. Look guys, like I said, she’s been in the public eye for over 30 years. The societal change that has seized America in that time has been immense. There’s been more change in ethical behaviours as well as acceptance for minorities in the past 3 decades than there has been for the past 3 centuries. And part of that change has been people changing their minds and overcoming their ignorance. Lucky for us, we were able to do that in private, but Clinton was in public office, and her changes in opinion over the years – for good, can we just say – are now being derided as flip-flopping on issues. Can you give me a break. Some people need to get over themselves and understand the world has not always been as rosy as it is now. Case in point, when I was born – in 1992 may I just add – homosexual acts were illegal. Fast forward 23 years later in 2015 and gay marriage is legal. That’s 23 years. In Catholic Ireland. Just imagine how expedient the process was in the diverse United States.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, was sexist when it was fashionable, and is sexist still now. He was racist in the 80s, and his claim that the election will be rigged in inner cities – predominately black areas – shows that he is racist still now. And I’m not even going to go into his rampant xenophobic behaviour. He may not have “flip-flopped” on these issues as some claim Clinton has, but he’s still on the wrong side of the fence. Or wall, to be topical. Clinton is on the right side of history. Pandering or not, she made that change and she has the back of all right-thinking people, not only in the America, but in the world.

And honestly, you have to look at this from a global perspective. The United States is arguably the most influential nation in the world, if not the most powerful. They control one of the biggest stockpiles of nuclear weapons, as well as having miltary bases all over the globe. Their economy is one of the largest, and their financial policies impact everyone – both the Great Depression and the Great Recession were fallout from the US economy. Who Americans choose as their President really does have an impact on the rest of us and, while we can’t vote, we definitely should be paying attention to the race and we should definitely be worrying about what a Trump Presidency could bring.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin is on his way to recreating a USSR-style ‘democracy’ within the Russian Federation, with virtually no opponents in the Duma and the media being attacked on the streets and legislatively. Trump would like to emulate this person and his style of ‘leadership’.

Donald Trump wants to build a wall to keep American businesses in the United States and keep “rapist” immigrants out. His GOP supporters like to point to the Berlin Wall as an example of a Wall that worked. Thousands of innocent Berliners died at the hands of the Stasi controlled East Germany and many died trying to scale that Wall into the freedom of West Berlin.

Donald Trump wants immigrants to the United States to be “extreme vetted” and find out amongst other things if they support more liberal positions like same-sex marriage and abortion. Those who do? It’s not been said, but you’re a fool to think a Trump Administration would welcome them with open arms.

Donald Trump wants Muslims to be easily identifiable to government officials. Not to be a Godwin about it, but this does smack of how Jews were treated in the early stages of Hitler’s Germany.

Trump wants to control what the media can and cannot report. Presented without additional comment.

To use the language of Trump, this is not a “bigly” decision. Donald Trump is not qualified to be President of the United States using any objective criteria. He does not hold the qualities needed to lead one of the largest democracies in the world. And if he were the only choice facing the American public, I would feel very concerned. It would be a bleak outlook.

But he is not the only candidate before the American public. And lucky for them, and the world to be honest, you have an actual able and qualified candidate in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She brings 30 years of national political experience, she brings an untarnished reputation on the world stage, and she brings an eclectic team of advisors and policy makers. She is not the devil Americans make her out to be. She is a woman with an opinion, and while that’s dangerous to ignorant and medieval Americans, it’s a breath of fresh air when compared to her only other legitimate opponent that the Republicans have decided to give a stage.

Elect the Republican and you will see the end of the Republic. Elect the Democrat and you will see a continued preservation of Democracy. It’s not a hard choice, America, and I wish the media and the undecideds would stop pretending it is. You can elect a dangerous, pathological liar, or you can elect a formidable politican with the policy chops needed to see American through to the next decade.

I, without hesitation, support and endorse Hillary Clinton. I urge Americans to do the same, no matter what party affiliation they possess.

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